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One day when I was at work, I realized that I was having a hard time making out the memos and texts that were right in front of me. Instead of ignoring the issue, I decided to meet with an eye doctor. Although I was sure that the problem was nothing or temporary, the doctor explained to me that I suffered from a degenerative eye disease. I was devastated, but I knew that I needed to press on. It has been a rough few years, but I have learned a lot about the journey. Check out this blog for information and motivation about eye care challenges.



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Protecting Your Eyes From Makeup

If you're new to wearing makeup or only put it on for special occasions, it's extremely important to use makeup carefully in order to protect your eyes. All makeup can sting when it gets in your eyes, but some are downright dangerous for your vision. Keep reading to discover how you can keep your eyes safe in most cases and what to do if it gets in your eyes after all.

Careful Application

The first step that anyone putting on makeup - especially eye makeup- should follow to protect their eyes is to be careful when putting it on. Use adequate lighting and purchase a magnification mirror that allows you to easily see where you're putting the makeup without having to squint or roughly estimate. Never put on makeup in your car, a moving vehicle, or anywhere where you might suddenly be interrupted.

It's also a good idea to have a large supply of brushes on hand. In particular, thinner or flat brushes will help to apply makeup to the edge of your eyelid without going over it and getting it into your eyes.

Full Removal

The next important step is to make sure that you get every speck of makeup off at the end of the day. While a simple makeup remover or face wash might seem adequate, these often leave behind a bit of residue from your makeup. When you're sleeping, this makeup can smudge into your tear ducts or directly into your eyes. This is uncomfortable and can lead to vision distortions when you wake up for the day.

To remove your makeup fully, make sure to look at the instructions on your makeup. Most should explain what exactly their recommended removal method is for their makeup. If you need to, purchase a separate oil cleanser or makeup remover to use in addition to your standard face washing in order to ensure that you get everything off.

What To Do If It Gets In Your Eyes

Despite these efforts, it's still possible for makeup to get into your eyes. Whether some of it gets smudged, wet, or rubbed directly into your eye, problems can happen. In these instances, it's necessary to get it out of your eyes as soon as possible.

If you get makeup in your eyes or suspect that you have because your eyes are stinging, don't rub your eyes. This is likely to get more makeup into them, and excessive pressure is dangerous for your eyes. Instead, head to a bathroom as soon as you can and wipe off the remaining eye makeup.

Once your eye makeup is off, rinse your eyes out thoroughly with eye wash or saline solution that's intended to be used in eyes. You should flush your eyes for at least a few seconds each. You should notice a soothing sensation and less irritation when you're finished.

Next, call your eye doctor. Getting makeup in your eyes can be dangerous to your vision and health, so plan on making an appointment to have your eyes examined.

Eye makeup can make your eyes look beautiful, but it's not worth risking your vision over. Follow these directions and your eye doctor's advice to ensure that you aren't hurting yourself with makeup. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.